Payment is expected at the time of service. I try to make my services affordable to a wide range of people. Depending on my caseload, I may be able to offer a fee reduction if you are in financial need.


I accept all PPO insurances.

As a service to you, if I am not listed as a network provider with your insurance company, I will file all claims on your behalf, so you won’t have to deal with this administrative task. Or if you prefer, I can provide you with monthly statements that you may submit to your insurance to obtain reimbursements.


For your convenience, you can also make secure online payments in advance using PayPal. You may use American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card.  Most of the time Health Savings Account (HSA) cards work. If PayPal rejects your card, please use a different card and inquire how to seek reimbursement (I will provide a receipt upon request).

To make a payment with your credit card, click the button. You’ll be taken to PayPal’s Website, where you can complete the payment to me safely and securely. Please add a 3.5% service charge when using PayPal. To do this, multiply the fee amount by 1.035.