If you are a filmmaker, screenwriter, director, producer, DP, art director, editor, animator, actor/actress, composer, musician, or other creative professional in the film and entertainment industry – I am familiar with the unique challenges of this competitive arena and can assist you in overcoming creative blocks and emotional barriers to your artistic endeavors. As a creative professional you may struggle with procrastination or engage in self-sabotaging or addictive behaviors to combat crippling feelings of inadequacy, fears of failure or performance anxieties.

Perhaps you rely on chemical substances to cope with your frustration or to stimulate yourself. Does the pressure to come up with innovative ideas paralyze you? Have you turned to mind-altering drugs to seek out an inspirational jolt? Do you fear that without using drugs you would lose your creative edge? As an ambitious person you are more prone to succumb to the lure of intoxicating substances because they promise an instant way to alter intolerable states of mind inducing elation or artificially boosting confidence where there was inhibiting anxiety before.

Having worked in film and video myself I recognize self-limiting considerations and blocks in creative expression. By uncovering and exploring stifling self-judgmental thoughts and self-doubt I assist you to get in touch with deeply buried anxieties about your innate intuitions and talent so that you can overcome the need for guarded restraints to playful and artistic expression.

You will find in me a compassionate and attentive listener who can trace down and decipher those seemingly self-evident convictions that incapacitate you. A deep insight into the formation of your unique worldview allows me to identify, probe and challenge habitual needs for protective yet debilitating behavior patterns. Awareness into your unconscious reasoning enables you to change obsolete attitudes and outmoded behaviors.